Sunday Evening Prayer

Act Of Love

O my God, The true and only love of my soul, What more couldst Thou do to induce me to love Thee! Thou wast not content with dying for me; Thou didst wish to institute this holy Sacrt, To give Thyself entirely to me, And thus unite Thy whole To the heart of a creature So vile and ungrateful as I am. And what is more, Thou Thyself dost invite me to receive Thee; Thou dost ardently desire that I should receive Thee. O infinite love! Incomprehensible love! A God wishes to give Himself to me! My soul, dost thou believe all this? What are thou doing, Or what hast thou to say? O God, Infinitely amiable, The only object worthy of all love, I love Thee with my whole heart; I love Thee above all things; I love Thee more than myself - More than my life! Amen.



Sunday Morning Prayer

"I Believe That You O Jesus"

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Sunday Daytime Prayer

"Lord, Help Me Live"

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